High Accuracy Mass Location Surveillance

With the astonishing proliferation of video cameras (CCTV, smartphones, dashcams, as well as body worn cameras by first responders), smart video surveillance is increasingly used for public safety, traffic monitoring, and people mobility tracking. Consider the following “needle in a haystack” video forensics example: immediately after an incident in a city, find and follow a person according to a certain description. It is clear that a human solution would take (too much) time, and a naive automated solution would imply processing all live and recorded video footage, resulting in an unacceptable cost.

The World Wide Streams platform is designed to handle massive amounts of video, as well as the data extracted by analyzing them. This multi-modal analysis capability is complemented with live stream-search and an expressive scripting language to create such applications in an infrastructure-agnostic manner.

All these, combined with the platform’s progressive processing capability (launching additional analysis stages on the fly only when needed) and smart placement of processing on the city infrastructure, make the above “needle in the haystack” a feasible and affordable service.