ShowMe is a mobile web app that allows users to get live streaming video footage of particular points of interest, such as tourist locations, bars or concerts. For instance, if you want to get a feel for the atmosphere right now at the San Marco Square in beautiful Venice, Italy. This touristic application allows the user to launch a live query and watch live video feeds from users on the San Marco Square, in real-time.

The app integrates seamlessly with Foursquare, allowing Foursquare users to be alerted when there’s an incoming live query for the place they’ve just checked into. All they have to do is follow a link and shoot video with their mobile camera, which is streamed in real-time to everyone interested. Streams from multiple users are aggregated on the fly, thus creating a collaborative and ad hoc live viewing experience of points of interest, anywhere on earth.

Scaling an application such as ShowMe requires transformative changes to the infrastructure of the world wide web and raises questions of how best to manage thousands of live queries and their associated streams. One can compare ShowMe to Facebook Live but the trigger to start to stream comes from the interested audience, not from the person at the point of interest.